In Memoriam – Chuck Loeb

So saddened to hear of the passing of Chuck Loeb on July 31, 2017. Chuck was not only an incredible guitarist and a hugely talented producer but above all of that he was just a genuinely nice person.  Chuck will definitely be missed by all of us.

Chuck produced four songs on the Radio Contact album, which was released on June 23, 2004.

Radio Contact was recorded in early 2003 at Hansa Haus Studios in Bonn, Germany with longtime engineer Klaus Genuit, home to much of AA’s best work. The collection features four tracks produced by consummate smooth jazz guitarist and producer Chuck Loeb, including the first single “No Messin,” and “Milo,” “Shelter Island Drive” and “Urban Cowboy.”

“Our AArt album had a lot of horn textures and here we have almost none, but that’s less by design than just being open to where the tunes take us as we’re writing,” Greg Carmichael adds. “A greater emphasis on our guitars and a simpler production just made sense with the songs we wrote here. Working with Chuck Loeb was also an incredible experience.

I’d known him for a long time and am a huge fan of his writing, guitar playing and producing for other artists. He was very professional, organized and efficient and it was great to have another pair of ears guiding the arrangement and recording process on those songs. It’s hard to define it in words, but he added a truly American angle and vibe to them.”

– Photos from Radio Contact  recording session on February 8, 2003